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Since its creation in 1887, the Institut Pasteur has been committed to contain infectious diseases by working directly in regions where the local disease management needed support. The first Institut Pasteur outside France was created in 1891 Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

Grounded in close partnerships with local health authorities, the network relies on integrated sustainable institutions, benefiting from different statuses (from public institutions under the supervision of Ministries of Health and/or Research to private status under local law).

Today, 32 Institutes worldwide have signed the new Institut Pasteur International Network Collaboration Agreement.

Committed to respect for ethical values and the most vulnerable populations, the network brings together very diverse institutes: from traditional public health oriented organisations to new-generation research organisations boasting innovative facilities.

Thanks to its proximity to endemic areas and its ability to mobilize expertise beyond national borders, the Institut Pasteur International Network provides a unique platform for microbiological surveillance and diseases control, allowing for a timely identification and response to emerging infectious threats.

Major efforts have been made recently to increase the network's intervention abilities not only by creating high security BSL3 laboratories and new clinical research facilities but also by strengthening new areas of expertise, particularly in entomology and epidemiology.

The network now constitutes a single and original international scientific cooperation model that draws upon the development of local skills to guarantee the sustainability of its actions. In confirmation of this commitment, international courses on basic research and public health topics are organised and supported by all the institutes. Indeed, based on new partnerships with universities and Ministries of Health and Research, it represents one of the priority areas for the network's development.

"The strength of this Network is not only to gather a large number of institutes from different environments but also to be an active community with shared values and objectives."
Marc Jouan, General Secretary of the Institut Pasteur International Network




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