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Louis Pasteur created the Institut Pasteur in 1887 as a private non-profit foundation that rapidly became world-renowned for its biomedical research.

For 125 years, our foundation has been contributing to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of diseases worldwide through research, teaching, and public health initiatives.

Together with its major contributions towards a deeper understanding of the fundamental aspects of life, the Institut Pasteur continues to devote a large part of its efforts to infectious diseases, inherited disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and certain cancers.

The community of Institut Pasteur is led by the sharing of the same core values:

  • An ideal: helping to fight against disease - primarily infectious diseases - through an original scientific approach as well as the ongoing commitment to apply research to public health needs and to strengthen human resources

  • High expectations: striving for excellence in each of our missions

  • A humanist vision of the world and generosity to others: resulting in the desire to care for people regardless of their background or nationality and sharing knowledge and expertise with the international community.


Those guiding principles make the Institut Pasteur a unique institution which values exchanges and partnerships.

Today, close to 2,600 people work on its main campus in Paris which is the heart of the Institut Pasteur International Network, a network that brings together 32 research institutes worldwide. Over the years, 10 Institut Pasteur researchers have received the Nobel Prize.

The BIRDY project is being managed by the Institut Pasteur, which has extensive experience in coordinating multi-centre cohorts worldwide and with large collaborative projects. Within the institute, this project is led by a dedicated coordinating group.



fleche An International Network of 32 Institutes on 5 continents
fleche 10 Nobel Laureates
fleche 10 research departments
fleche 130 research entities
fleche 14 Technical platforms
fleche 500 students from 48 countries
fleche 85,000 vaccinations each year
fleche 2,600 people work on the Paris campus