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The Coordinating Group is composed of a multidisciplinary team with diverse expertises:

Didier Guillemot

Principal investigator
Head of the "Pharmacoepidemiology and Infectious Diseases" research group



Epidemiologist, MD specializing in Internal Medicine, PhD, HDR. DG is a Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology, at the University of Versailles Saint Quentin Medical School. In 2007, he became Joint Director of the INSERM Department of Public Health Research. Since 2004 he has chaired the Advisory Board of the "Surveillance and Research" group of the national "Keep Antibiotics Working" program of the French Ministry of Health. In 2007 DG founded the "Pharmacoepidemiology and Infectious Diseases" research group at the Institut Pasteur which he currently directs. His principal research interests lie in the evaluation of broad programs for minimizing escape from anti-infectious treatment and improving our understanding of the biological determinants of such treatment escape.

Elisabeth Delarocque-Astagneau
Co-principal investigator of the BIRDY project



Epidemiologist, MD specializing in Hepatology, PhD. EDA worked for several years at the Institut de Veille Sanitaire (the French Public Health Surveillance Institute), in the Infectious Diseases Department, where her research focused on foodborne diseases and viral hepatitis. She moved in 2008 to the Emerging Diseases Epidemiology Unit at the Institut Pasteur to work on hepatitis C projects in Egypt. She joined the "Pharmacoepidemiology and Infectious Diseases" research group in June 2011, to coordinate epidemiological investigations. Her main research topics focus on multiple strain infections and their potential impact on anti-infective evasion and prevention strategies.

Bich-Tram Huynh



MD, PhD. During her PhD, BTH worked at the Research Institute for Development on the consequences of malaria during pregnancy for both mother and child in Benin. She joined the "Pharmacoepidemiology and Infectious Diseases" research group in January 2012 as a postdoctoral fellow and field coordinator of the pilot phase of the BIRDY project.

Michael Padget


 MPH Boston University. MP worked on the economic evaluation of antibiotic resistant infection control policies in European hospitals prior to joining the "Pharmacoepidemiology and Infectious Diseases" research group in January 2012 as a research assistant on the BIRDY project. Since 2013 he has been pursuing his PhD in epidemiology.

Maud Seguy


 PhD. Following a PhD dealing with biological rhythms and eco-physiology of a small Malagasy primate, MS worked more than 3 years as scientific consultant for European collaborative projects and research networks at ACIES, a consulting company. She joined the Department of International Affairs at the Institut Pasteur in 2010, and contributes to the BIRDY project as project manager.

Fanny Cherblanc



PhD. After completing a PhD in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology on epigenetic processes in cancers at Imperial College London (UK), FC joined the Department of International Affairs of the Institut Pasteur in January 2015. She entered the Birdy team in December 2015 as project manager for the Cambodian sites.